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Timetable Guide


Tokyo Sta. = No mark, Ginza Sta. = G, Shinonome Aeon-mae = SA

Early morning/late night buses:Double fare 2,600yen (Children 1,300yen)

Timetables can be downloaded here

Terminal 1 / Bus platform 7
→Tokyo Sta.

Scheduled required time

※Possibility of change in required time depending on traffic conditions

Tokyo Sta.(approx. 68 min.)/ Ginza Sta.(approx. 81 min.)/ Shinonome Aeon-mae(approx. 116 min.)

Tokyo Sta.(approx. 68 min.)
Ginza Sta.(approx. 81 min.)
Shinonome Aeon-mae(approx. 116 min.)

Download Timetable List

Contact list for inquiries about forgotten items, etc.

Store name Phone number
JR = JR Bus Kanto Express Bus Guide Center(10:00~17:00) 0570-048905
HIW=Heiwakotsu 043-256-5644
ASK=Askakotsu 043-246-3431
NSZ=Nishizakikanko 043-265-6667
KSC = Keisei Bus Chiba Branch 043-433-3800
KSS = Keisei Bus Shin-Narashino Express Branch 047-470-6071
KSN = Keisei Bus Naganuma Branch 043-257-3333
KSO = Keisei Bus Okudo Branch 03-3691-0935
NAT = Narita Airport Transport 0476-35-2321
KBS = Keisei Bus System 047-420-9130
KTB = Keisei Transit Bus 047-306-7211


If you have any questions/forgotten items, please inquire with the bus terminal that you departed from.

Contact each bus company here